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Power Women In Insurance


Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

In this episode of the Power Women in Insurance Podcast, Teresa hosts a solo episode to mark the 30th

episode of the show. She talks about her favorite moments of the show and the powerful nuggets she 

has learned from guests and is implementing herself.

Listen in to learn the importance of setting 3-5 goals to define your agency’s priorities for the coming 

year 2021. You will also learn the power of time blocking your agency’s annual goals to achieve them 

quickly and effectively.

“Together we are the power women in insurance day to day pushing, moving, empowering, and being 

able to make this industry a better place every single day.” [18:46]

Top Takeaways:

 The different types of people we’ve brought on board and the content they discussed in the 

insurance industry.

 How Teresa wants to impact the insurance industry by helping other businesses find their voice. 

 The five goals that she wants to achieve for the two locations of our insurance agency- the sales,

culture, revenue, marketing strategy, and education to scale the business.

 Time blocking- taking our annual goals, making them quarterly goals, and then to weekly goals. 

 Striving for the blending of a personal and a digital insurance agency.

What you will learn:

 [1:22] Which of the 29 last episodes impacted you the most? Let us know, so we bring you more 

of it.

 [3:17] How Kristin Isaacson impacted Teresa in understanding that we’re here to serve and 

collaborate with both clients and teammates.

 [4:27] The work-life balance by Tiffany Cooper had an impact, plus Erin Nutting on the concept 

of impacting the community and time blocking.

 [6:39] Defining priorities for 2021 with three big generic goals and then drilling them down. 

 [13:22] How to implement your goals by doing things that will help your employees achieve 

these goals. 

 [16:46] The vision Teresa has for digital-driven systems and processes. 

 [18:29] Let us know the people in the insurance industry who have mentored and empowered 

you so we can bring them on.