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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Abel Travis, MBA, Vice President & Head Of Fundamental Underwriters at AF Group. Abel talks about what AF Group is all about and the company that he represents called Fundamental Underwriters.

Episode Highlights:

  • What has attributed to Abel’s success, skill or luck? (7:04)
  • Abel gives us his background in the insurance industry. (7:59)
  • Abel shares what happened when he had an offer from Hartford. (8:49)
  • Abel explains what AF Group is all about. (11:12)
  • Abel mentions one of the companies that he runs for AF Group called Fundamental Underwriters. (12:09)
  • Abel gives the average premium size with Fundamental Underwriters. (12:52)
  • Abel shares what he did when nobody knew what was happening in the insurance industry. (19:05)
  • Abel mentions how The Insurance Innovators Unscripted podcast started. (21:08)
  • Where does Abel see the insurance industry going, five to ten years from now? (26:39)

Key Quotes:

  • “I love to win just because I love the feeling that comes with winning. Frankly, I don’t necessarily hate to lose because I look at losing as a learning opportunity. If it doesn’t work, you leverage what you’ve learned, and you try to turn that into a win in whatever way possible.” – Abel Travis
  • “I wanted to make sure that I had the opportunity to have a family but I also wanted to have a life I love to just enjoy. But, as I started to learn a little bit more about the insurance industry, it became a no-brainer. It really helps to provide stability for the people, for the economy, for the business, and that’s something that in the early days I wanted to be a part of.” – Abel Travis
  • “I do think there has to be some sort of a government backstop. I also believe that insurance organizations could look at opportunities or even if it’s mandated somewhat in a similar way as Tria, to help fund that backstop. We’re not trading future dollars for potential challenges that we may face in this economy.” – Abel Travis

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