There has been a shift in business owners. Generationally, today's owners are different: expectations, buying habits, communication preferences, pace of production, and plenty more. Mick Hunt, CEO at Premier Strategy Box, joins the show today and challenges you as an insurance agency to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. How do you need to shift your firm today to better fit with the modern buyer? How can you ask the right questions to understand that audience? Hear how Mick and his team have created the playbook around building these relationships.

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In the world of insurance, independent agencies fight to survive. Brokers are forced to compete by blocking markets and bid for the lowest price. Worse yet, the industry is fragmented.

Agencies find it difficult to collaborate across division on the same client. Millions of dollars in potential revenue are left on the table. And agency owners lie awake at night wondering how to scale.

Access the full-revenue potential in your existing book of business. See opportunities other agencies can’t. Offer more value. Gain a competitive advantage in a commoditized market.

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