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Age of Indiependence


Previous captive agent Katlyn Eggar and her indie rockstar guests help you crack the code to high volume new business growth. You can compete in the modern market without losing the heart and soul of your agency. Tune in to give your entrepreneurial spirit an extra boost and find that sometimes, the grass really is greener!

Hosted By

Hosted By

Katlyn Eggar

In this episode of the Age of Indiependence podcast, host Katlyn Eggar is joined by Justin Eggar, the CEO & Co-Founder of Quantum Assurance International. Late-night ramblings uncover Justin’s superpowers, what Katlyn thinks of the biz dev messages in her inbox, and how we really feel about Tesla. Catch the bonus episode we threw in just for you, of our pre-episode promo on Facebook live with lots of great content directly following current events, leadership development, and insurance training tips. Thanks for hanging out with us- Cheers!

Episode Highlights:

  • Justin chats about their Virginia office. (6:15)
  • Katlyn discusses her class in their Allen office. (8:20)
  • Katlyn shares what she likes about reading the biz dev messages. (11:57)
  • Justin mentions why he signed up for two cyber trucks. (14:18)
  • Katlyn mentions their new course called ‘Managing Your Brand’. (18:48)
  • Justin shares why he’s always excited about one-on-one meetings. (23:21)
  • Justin shares their future plans for the agency. (25:16)
  • Justin mentions one of the reasons why the fireside chat is important. (36:05)
  • Justin shares one of his greatest fears. (42:43)

Key Quotes:

  • “I actually like reading the biz dev messages, because I like looking for good ideas, and, like, connecting with someone out of the blue is always one of those mysterious life skills that you want to be able to have.” – Katlyn Eggar
  • “I do love the idea of people talking about insurance, like, you know, people should be talking about insurance.” – Justin Eggar 
  • “Sometimes we all get so busy that you can end up neglecting people… I have, by accident. And, so I try to be purposeful with bouncing back and forth.” – Justin Eggar

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