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Age of Indiependence


Previous captive agent Katlyn Eggar and her indie rockstar guests help you crack the code to high volume new business growth. You can compete in the modern market without losing the heart and soul of your agency. Tune in to give your entrepreneurial spirit an extra boost and find that sometimes, the grass really is greener!

Hosted By

Hosted By

Katlyn Eggar

In this final episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast miniseries, Age of Independence, host Katlyn Eggar is joined by Jason Cass, giving insights about her interviews and experiences with the rock stars of the insurance industry. Katlyn also discusses how the Age of Indiependence became a huge part of her journey and where that journey is headed.

Episode Highlights:

  • Katlyn thinks that one of the greatest factors about guest hosting a podcast is the opportunity to interview such amazing guests and be joined by rock stars in the industry. (2:11)
  • Jason shares one of the reasons why they made Agency Intelligence is because people wanted him to take the interview a bit further than he did on Agents Influence. (3:10)
  • Jason mentions that they will be working with Kelly Donahue-Piro and her company, Agency Performance Partners, at The Insurance Alliance, starting in January 2021. (4:11)
  • Katlyn discusses the podcast episode with Kelly Donahue-Piro entitled, What Your Team Isn’t Telling You Through Big Changes. (4:53)
  • Katlyn mentions that in January 2021, they want to use that opportunity to turn over a new leaf. (6:329)
  • Katlyn shares that the Konmari method is about decluttering, getting rid of the noise, and keeping the things that you love. (8:30)
  • Jason discusses the podcast episode with Alejandro Velez entitled, Competing with the Goliaths. (10:14)
  • Katlyn shares that some call centers do effective tasks. Therefore, the challenge is to not let our disdain, for the things that they’re doing poorly hold us back from being able to pull the curtain back. (11:17)
  • Katlyn thinks that efficiency is more significant than speed. (11:49)
  • Katlyn mentions one of the huge challenges they had as local insurance agents was to achieve economies of scale. (13:44)
  • Katlyn shares that the Age of Indiependence has been valuable for her because she started as a captive agent, and it was a big milestone for her, transitioning from the captive world to being an independent agent. (23:15)

Key Quotes:

  • “My goal with these episodes has been, to bring a perspective that is new and fresh, but it’s something that an agency of any size could walk away with some tangible takeaways, some new ideas, and some things that you can put into practice, every once in a while.” – Katlyn Eggar
  • “At the end of the day, we’re going to create more opportunity for people in our communities that need the best job in the world which we have waiting for them in our offices, and it’s going to change our lifestyle because we’re going to go from just slogging it out every day trying to get out of doing things the same way, to being the coaches, the leaders, and the world changers that we want to be.” – Katlyn Eggar

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