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Previous captive agent Katlyn Eggar and her indie rockstar guests help you crack the code to high volume new business growth. You can compete in the modern market without losing the heart and soul of your agency. Tune in to give your entrepreneurial spirit an extra boost and find that sometimes, the grass really is greener!

Hosted By

Hosted By

Katlyn Eggar

In this episode of the Age of Indiependence podcast, host Katlyn Eggar interviews Amanda Mapp, MBA, the Education Manager at Quantum Assurance International. Amanda discusses what we’ve learned about training new employees, how we feel about video content, and what keeps your new sales professionals in the game.

Episode Highlights:

  • What does Amanda’s daily life look like? (5:59)
  • Amanda mentions why she loves the training and development that are going digital lately. (6:44)
  • Katlyn begins the pop quiz questions for Amanda. (7:22)
  • What was it like for Amanda before she branched over into the instructional design aspect of insurance? (10:01)
  • Amanda mentions the huge part about the leadership development program. (10:09)
  • Amanda shares her onboarding experience. (12:14)
  • What were some of Amanda’s favorite projects that she worked on? (15:22)
  • Amanda mentions why education and leadership correlates. (23:23)
  • Amanda shares one of the benefits of videos. (32:46)
  • Amanda mentions one of the common pitfalls in training and development. (39:05)

Key Quote:

  • “When I think about that very first role on the phones and the nerves that I felt talking to clients and knowing that I had this huge responsibility. It was heavy, but it’s a good kind of heavy. It can have such a reward, high risk- high reward.” – Amanda Mapp
  • “What we do in training is so important because confidence comes from competence and feeling like you know what it is that you’re there to do.” – Amanda Mapp
  • “In the insurance industry, there’s always going to be different experiences that come on your line or situations that come on your line that you’ve not dealt with before. You go back to that first level of learning where you say I have to put all my attention and focus into it. I can’t text and drive on this one, I have to just focus on this one thing that I’m dealing with. The more that you do it, the more feedback that you have.” – Amanda Mapp

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