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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Craig Wiggins, the President, and CEO of Craig Wiggins Coaching and Consulting. Craig talks about his career in the insurance industry and shares a turning point in his life that completely changed the way he approached his business.

Episode Highlights:

What has attributed to Craig’s success, skill or luck? (7:42)

Craig shares his background. (9:41)

What does Craig’s agency currently look like? (12:06)

Craig shares how the first 18 months of his career in the industry went. (14:12)

Craig mentions the turning moment of his life, back in 2008. (15:02)

How did his most unforgettable moment make an impact on his life? (22:11)

Craig mentions his self-reflection and realizations in life. (23:45)

Craig shares why the employees’ accountability is the most difficult part. (24:56)

Craig shares how they evaluate during an interview. (29:00)

Craig mentions their comp plan and tiered comp plan. (35:36)

Craig shares about his consulting company. (39:44)

Craig mentions the book entitled Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. (48:21)

Key Quotes:

“All those mistakes and all that that I struggled through put me in the position I’m in now and without that, who knows where I would be, and I may be in a different but, much lesser place. So, it all works out.” – Craig Wiggins

“A lot of people think your agency is your customers, it’s not your customers, trust me. It’s your people that’s your agency, that’s what’s going to represent your whole brand, and what you’re all about, and where you are in your community. So for me, I’m glad we went through that. I hated it at that time, it was gut-wrenching and it sucked, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened for sure.” – Craig Wiggins

“So, the way you build loyalty is to be truthful and to truly try to work with them to help them accomplish what they want. And if they leave, they leave, but I think that’s the process, you got to go through, fortunately, truly trying to build a world-class team of people that excel at a much higher level than an agency where everybody’s just kind of going through the motions.” – Craig Wiggins

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