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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Andy Neary, Founder of Complete Game Consulting.

Episode Highlights:

  • Andy shares his journey of struggling in sales for 10 years, reinventing his career, and finding success by adopting innovative marketing strategies, now helping others in the industry through his coaching and training business. (5:07)
  • Andy mentions that marketing in the insurance industry needs to shift from talking about yourself to focusing on the prospects’ story, which can lead to significant changes and success for agencies and producers. (10:55)
  • Andy explains that the best marketing is simple and straightforward because if people don’t understand what you’re talking about, none of it matters. (13:47)
  • Andy believes that the key to success in sales is clear expectations and storytelling that resonates with the psychographics of ideal prospects. (15:47)
  • Andy mentions Complete Game Consulting does workshops and one-on-one coaching, and plans to launch a new online coaching platform called Complete Game University on January 1, 2024. (19:35)
  • Andy explains the importance of input and storytelling in attracting the right prospects and not getting complacent in the insurance industry, especially for former athletes. (26:07)

Key Quotes:

  • “I realized if we could help producers and the agencies they work for build better marketing messages directed at the right people, everything would change. And we’ve seen the fruits of that from our clients.” – Andy Neary
  • “The best marketing is the most simple, clearest marketing. And people don’t like hearing that, because they love their fancy words, and they love the catchy phrases they use. But if people don’t understand what you’re talking about, none of it matters.” – Andy Neary
  • “I urge any agency, any producer who has reached that point to go, what are you going to do to double your book of business without all the effort that you had to put in to get to the first million or first five, whatever that number is? Brand recognition is the name of the game.” – Andy Neary

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