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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Raution Jaiswal, CEO & Co-founder of InsuredMine. Raution discusses what fuels InsuredMine’s growth and success, and explains why he believes they are the best all-in-one insurance CRM platform.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jason mentions that a lot of what the tech world in the insurance business is doing now is what Raution was doing since 2013. (4:02)
  • Raution mentions that he has returned to using an iPhone after a long period of using Android. (4:37)
  • Raution shares that he loves winning since he does not keep track of what he loses. (6:41)
  • Raution explains that the idea for InsuredMine came to him when he was the Senior Director of M&A for CBRE in 2016-2017. (9:55)
  • According to Raution, InsuredMine began by solving business problems and he did not originally envision creating a CRM. (17:05)
  • Raution explains the two factors that set InsuredMine apart from other companies. (18:23)
  • InsuredMine, according to Raution, is integrating AI into its features in order to become the production hack that agencies need. (20:25)
  • Raution believes that there is no system that manages renewals better than InsuredMine does. (23:14)
  • Raution elaborates that every agency with whom they work benefits and sees the results. (26:20)

Key Quotes:

  • “I do not keep stock on what I lose. And so and I lose a lot, and I don’t care about it… the number of attempts and number of failures, it does not bother me. As long as I’m continuously continuing to win more than others.” – Raution Jaiswal
  • “We have spent so much energy with our clients to build this, that we are winning. We go into demo, we just talk about renewals, we walk away with a deal that itself is a big winner.” – Raution Jaiswal
  • “With every agency we are adding to the system, you know, more feedback is coming. And that feeds more energy to us to build a deeper product. And that’s what we’re going to continue. It’s always been a product led company, and that will be the center stage for us, you know, just continue investing in product.” – Raution Jaiswal

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