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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, guest host Mitch Gibson interviews Ben Zimmer, CRIS, CAWC, the Founder, and CEO of Ethos Insurance & Risk Management. Ben talks about his approach in the insurance industry and why hustling has been his passion.

Episode Highlights:

What has attributed to Ben’s success, skill or luck? (9:08)

Ben mentions why the independent insurance agent is the greatest connector there is. (14:49)

Ben shares the real agent experience and explains what the word hustle entails. (19:35)

Ben mentions why hustle is a passion. (20:02)

Does Ben feel that being a collegiate athlete has given him an avenue and a platform (23:36)

Ben shares the biggest difference in separation between him and the competitors in his community. (25:50)

Key Quotes:

“Ultimately, it’s about adding value. I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity because I wasn’t prepared and I think that just comes from a lot of mistakes. I would say hard work more than luck just because I guess I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by mentors.” – Ben Zimmer

“I continue to develop relationships because of insurance, people have to have it and it’s so fun. All I gotta do is go be a good person and give back to my community.” – Ben Zimmer

“Every opportunity and every day someone else adds energy to you. Hustle to me is energy and time well spent.” – Ben Zimmer

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