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In this episode of the Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Billy Wagner, Multi-Unit Owner at Brightway Insurance. Billy talks about his focus on growth and sales, the hiring process, and his four different levels of compensation.

Episode Highlights:

Billy shares that when he started studying the insurance business, he was interested in the P&C side and started a scratch agency in 2006. (12:18)

Billy shares that his success in the industry had to do with the skill sets he had and his knowledge of how to manage people. Because of that, each of his team members already has nine team members, and they all came from the service industry. (18:50)

Billy mentions that if you have the right structure, the right system, and you get the right person, you can approximately always make a hire if it’s structured correctly. (25:11)

Billy mentions that having different levels of validation is vital. (28:52)

In Billy’s opinion, when somebody delivers an exceptional value, you must continue to find creative ways to recognize that. (32:05)

Key Quotes:

“My goal is that everyone that works in this agency is debt-free, including their mortgage. So, as long as they stay with me, and they continue to pay it down, I will continue to let them leverage what they’re doing and the momentum towards that so that everyone that works here is debt-free eventually.” – Billy Wagner

“I am tremendously focused on the growth of my staff, whether it be personally or professionally, and people are happiest when they’re growing.” – Billy Wagner

“I’m an entrepreneurial spirit, and I think of other businesses and I always come back to investing more in this one. It just nothing else brings the same return because you’re not a hero to zero. After a lot of work, you’ve got a foundation that always kind of keeps growing.” – Billy Wagner

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