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Power Women In Insurance


Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

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Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

Meet Blythe Donovan, a senior producer/ sales team lead at MVP out of Oklahoma. She is also a joyful speaker, life coach, writer, and mom who has a passion for spreading joy and taking care of people in business and life.

In this episode of The Power Women in Insurance, Blythe shares her insurance journey which started 2 years ago after being a serial entrepreneur for many years. She explains how she has cultivated referral partnerships and formed long-term business and personal relationships in the insurance industry.

Listen in to learn the importance of being a servant leader who supports and builds their staff, which

later translates to a successful business.

Top Takeaways:

– The importance of having a community that supports unity over the internal and external


– The value of servant leadership and creating a relationship between the business and its staff.

– The importance of being open to trying new things and having relationship-building

conversations to keep business afloat during a crisis.

– Learning not to focus on what you don’t know and keep your eyes on what you do know.

“To build a business the right way is to build it based on relationships, and your relationships start with the people that work for you.”- Blythe [42:20]

Key Moments:

 [2:08] Blythe explains how being a single mom and lover of entrepreneurship influenced her to

join insurance at MVP.

 [5:43] How she has mastered helping people with their struggles and in turn forming referral


 [11:00] The importance of building a business that pours into its employees and finds value in

what they have to offer.

 [19:04] How having support from everyone and finding referral partnerships helped Blythe

become successful in insurance sales.

 [23:21] She explains how her boss Joan helped raise her by ‘wing manning’ her to other people

which builds her sales strength.

 [27:01] How they managed a successful marketing event during COVID to help keep the business


 [31:09] Learn to think outside the box to help build long-term relationships in your business.

 [34:16] Blythe advises young insurance agents to focus on helping people and growing

personally and businesswise.

 [37:57] She also advises agency owners to support their staff to help grow their business.

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