Explain This Book To Me

Explain This Book To Me


In the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host, Joshua Lipstone sits down with authors, thought leaders, and visionaries to explain the book to the Loyal Readers and ask the guest the questions that we all have.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Josh Lipstone

In the second episode of Book 5 of the Explain This Book To Me Podcast, Josh Lipstone has the honor of sitting down with the co-author of the book Best Version Possible, Roger Sitkins. They discuss chapters 5-8 of BVP and learn about overcoming team members’ objections, how to narrow it down to one thing, how to turn your team members into a high-performing team, and making sure your FIC pipeline is overflowing.

To purchase the book please visit this link, Sitkins Book, and to watch the documentary about the book please visit this link, Sitkins VIP.

Episode Highlights:

  • Roger mentions a few of his favorite books. (1:40)
  • Roger shares that nurture was a stronger contributor to the person he is today. (3:12)
  • Roger talks about the importance of workplace culture and getting buy-in from your team. (4:56)
  • Roger shares that the Sitkins Group has three steps to help tackle seven different initiatives all at once. (10:46)
  • Roger talks about the four important parts of an agency’s improvement cycle. (15:21)
  • Roger shares that, often time, producers are not separating the roles of sales and service. (21:43)
  • Roger provides the differences between activity-based versus result-based tasks. (24:21)
  • Roger walks the loyal readers through the ideal way to complete the Sunday evening review. (31:48)
  • Roger shares how many niches he thinks producers and agencies should have. (41:49)
  • Roger explains the importance of measuring the spread per employee. (48:00)
  • Roger discusses good conversion ratios, good closing ratios, and the difference between those two. (51:40)

Key Quotes:

  • “Competition to me, is a combination of services, coverages, and pricing, not just pricing.” – Roger Sitkins
  • “We have to define culture, and in our world culture is the language and behaviors that are normal. And some agencies have very specific goals, very specific critical success factors. They’re always talking about them. And they literally speak the same language.” – Roger Sitkins
  • “It’s not like in the old days, when the boss would just walk in and say, here’s what we’re going to do. And it was a dictatorship. In today’s world, you want people to buy in, and we find the best way to get people to buy in, is if they understand where the agency is going.” – Roger Sitkins

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