Explain This Book To Me

Explain This Book To Me


In the Explain This Book To Me podcast, host, Joshua Lipstone sits down with authors, thought leaders, and visionaries to explain the book to the Loyal Readers and ask the guest the questions that we all have.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Josh Lipstone

In the third and final episode of Book 5 of the Explain This Book To Me Podcast, Josh Lipstone concludes his discussion with the co-author of the book Best Version Possible, Brent Kelly. They discuss chapters 9-11 of BVP and learn how to define your PODs, what accountability and leadership look like, and answer the question Why Not You?

To purchase the book please visit this link, Sitkins Book, and to watch the documentary about the book please visit this link, Sitkins VIP.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brent explains the distinction between a unique selling concept and a unique sales strategy. (3:56)
  • Brent answers the three questions that are asked in the Law of Compensation. (10:49)
  • Brent shares a story from their Elite Sales Mastery program called the Elite 50 (25:45)
  • Brent outlines some of the open-ended questions an agent should ask clients to get them to start a new file with your firm. (28:29)
  • Brent discusses the foundation of the pyramid of success and its objective of inspiring individuals. (38:51)
  • Brent discusses his insights on how being a great salesperson translates to becoming a successful agency owner. (42:34)
  • Brent offers his recommendations on what Producers should be reporting to their Sales Leaders in their monthly meetings. (46:20)
  • Brent discusses how leaders can multiply the skills of their team members. (51:01)
  • Brent goes over what he would say to an agency if they were to ask why they need his organization to help them attain absolute freedom. (55:04)

Key Quotes:

  • “I’m less worried about title, and more worried about the impact, and how we actually tell those stories and create value in the marketplace. Not because it was on our business card, it’s because how we’re perceived and how we approach things.” – Brent Kelly
  • “You could have every strategy and tactic in the world and do things really well, at least of what you think. But if people aren’t going to do those things that agreed to it, doesn’t matter.” – Brent Kelly
  • “Going further is different than just going faster. And people have to understand that right? You might know exactly what you need to do. But the question is, Who are you going to take with you?” – Brent Kelly

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