Let's talk all things COIs. What kind of relationships are building with your centers of influence? Do have three or four COIs giving you multiple leads each month? Or are you spreading yourself too thin, trying to work with dozens of industry-adjacent professionals to little or no avail? Ryan and Elliot talk through what makes for an effective COI, and how to build your relationship to the point that it's mutually beneficial.

Enjoy the episode!

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Ellerbrock-Norris: https://www.ellerbrock-norris.com
Ellerbrock-Norris Wealth Strategies: https://www.ellerbrock-norris-ws.com
LAUNCH: https://getlaunch.io/

Elliot Bassett: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliot-bassett-aip-cpcu-84499515
Ryan Brott: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-brott-cepa%C2%AE-77a278a

This episode is sponsored by LAUNCH.

In the world of insurance, independent agencies fight to survive. Brokers are forced to compete by blocking markets and bid for the lowest price. Worse yet, the industry is fragmented.

Agencies find it difficult to collaborate across division on the same client. Millions of dollars in potential revenue are left on the table. And agency owners lie awake at night wondering how to scale.

Access the full-revenue potential in your existing book of business. See opportunities other agencies can’t. Offer more value. Gain a competitive advantage in a commoditized market.

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