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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Callum Beecroft, Owner of the phonejacker®. Callum discusses how he helps companies connect with prospects by cold calling for them and shares his cold-calling mistakes so that others can learn from them.

Episode Highlights:

  • Callum shares that he is an iPhone user and the last app he downloaded was Sky Sports. (2:15)
  • Callum explains that the reason he loves to win over hating to lose, and, in cold calling always tries to find the lesson in the loss. (3:55)
  • Callum shares the conversation he had with Benjamin Dennehy that led him to start the phonejacker®. (10:56)
  • Callum mentions that he also works for eCommerce businesses, and a marketing agency for prospecting, where he picks up the phone and sets meetings with the prospects that his clients want to meet with. (13:42)
  • Callum shares his decision making and the things he considers on starting the phonejacker® and learning cold calling practices instead of being an employee of a company. (15:14)
  • Callum explains that there is not much competition in the UK, and small businesses usually do not hire full-time employees. (19:05)
  • Callum mentions that the name “The Phone Jacker” came from a TV show in the UK called “Fone Jacker”. (20:42)
  • Callum shares that the first thing he learned from his coach, Benjamin Dennehy, was to “be your own best friend”. (23:25)
  • Callum talks about his online newsletter called “The Hang Up”, which can be seen on his LinkedIn. (29:59)

Key Quotes:

  • “You’ve got to be your best own best friend. And that’s in a prospect in a cold call instance, but even more so for me going self-employed.” – Callum Beecroft
  • “Are you better at what you’re doing now than you were yesterday? Because if you can answer yes to that, then you’re on the right track, and you just keep getting better. You learn from your mistakes and you grow and grow.” – Callum Beecroft
  • “I share lots of content, mostly cold calls, where I analyze them. And we look at the areas where I made some mistakes and what lessons I can learn from those mistakes, what I would have done differently.” – Callum Beecroft

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