Digital Insurance Pint: Marilyn Horrick – 25 Years Fighting Cancer Together

In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, the gang talks to Marilyn Horrick, Co-Chair of WICC Ontario, about her work with the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade, the benefits for brokers of getting involved in charitable ventures, and her love of grumpy people. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Pete Tessier of the Insurance Podcast – The Hostile Take Over

he Digital Insurance Pint Podcast is pleased to announce that they have completed a hostile takeover of The Insurance Podcast. “The combination of these two entities will form an unrivaled podcasting empire in the Canadian insurance space” said co-host Adam Mitchell. “There can be only one”, agreed co-host Tom Reid. The deal was led by […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Ben Isotta Riches – EVP Aviva, Beyond The Digital Garage

In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Ben Isotta-Riches – EVP & MD of strategic partnership at Aviva Canada, continues our Brit Invasion theme, raises money through Movember; likes Alanis Morisette, and speaks the queen’s English. Instrumental in setting up the Aviva Digital Garage helping brokers digitize, engineering, API’s and holding events like […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Telcom doesn’t have to be Hard –The Croo Group

In this episode of the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast, Dave Lechasseur and Julian Stillitano from The Croo Group ( join us on this podcast. A crew, in breakdance folklore, is a collective of b-boys and b-girls. In this episode, Dave and Julian throw it down as their company,, is cyphering the insurance industry and […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Theo Duchen, Co-CEO Acturis – How it Oughta Be

London was calling at 10:00 pm UK time when the Digital Insurance Pint Podcast team jumped across the pond for our podcast with the man nicknamed Duke. Theo Duchen, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and every other great tech entrepreneur, started Acturis in his basement 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, and Acturis has […]