Digital Insurance Pint: My Mollin ─ Guiding Us Through Guidewire

What is guidewire and what makes it so popular? How can guidewire help the broker channel. The DIPP crew sit down with Amy Mollin, Head of Product Management at Guidewire to find out. Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle Adam Mitchell Digital Insurance Pint Podcast

Digital Insurance Pint: EDI & eDocs

EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) has been a standard way of transmitting data in many industries since the early days of business automation. It’s also a back bone of the insurance industry, with millions of policy transactions downloaded from carrier to broker each week. It also (still) doesn’t work right all the time. eDocs is a […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Dario Battista

The DIPP crew has the express pleasure of welcoming Dario Battista – one of the OG “modern brokers” to the show. We talk with Dario about the iSure story & their path to digitization, which is a bit different than the path others have taken. Dario also shares his thoughts on a wide variety of […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Quandri – Jameson & Jackson Fregau

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto (Domo) Now that Styx is stuck in your head, you can only get rid of it by listening to the cnversation with Jackson & Jameson Fregau from Quandri. How can RPA – Robotic Process Automation cure the ills of the insurance industry? Listen to find out! Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Broker Independence

What is broker independence and what impact does it have on a brokerage? This is a big & much discussed topic in the industry. DIPP doesn’t think that horse is quite dead yet, so we’re also going to flog it. What does independence mean for succession, client advocacy, staff attraction / retention, carrier relationships, business […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Pete Tessier & Curt Wyatt

It’s an epic slugfest as we host Pete Tessier & Curt Wyatt from the Insurance Podcast on the show. We discuss how brokers can grow their books, how connectivity can help and how did Curt manage to end up in Greece? No holds barred – enjoy the ride! Resources: Tom Reid Jeff Roy Steve Earle […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Matthew Turack

The DIPP crew welcome Matthew Turack from CAA to the podcast in an effort to get to know this new (ish) market & to understand their growth philosophy. We get into CAA’s business strategy and their approach to broker distribution. We discuss how important is broker modernization to CAA and their plans to contribute to […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Aggregators

Let’s talk about the aggregators. The DIPP crew starts at the beginning – what are they? Why do they exist? How did they become important in the P & C landscape? Who are the major players? We then move on to key discussions, including: are they good or bad for brokers, carriers and consumers? and […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Sherif Gemayel

Round 2 with Sherif Gemayel. Sherif gives us an update on the state of broker modernization. Are the advanced brokers separating from the pack? What’s going on with SEO in the insurance industry? What’s holding brokers back from going all in on digitization ? Sherif tells us about an exciting government incentive program called CDAP […]

Digital Insurance Pint: Carol Jardine

Carol Jardine – one of the leading lights in our industry announced her retirement a number of months ago. We were honoured to be able to talk with her on her last day in the office. Carol told us about her career journey through the insurance industry, including her best & worst memories. We discussed […]