Grow Your Insurance Agency’s Marketing Presence with Cameron Carlow

Where do you begin when marketing your insurance agency? With limited time, budgets and expertise, it can be hard to stand out among the competition. This week, Cameron Carlow, Chief Marketing Officer at Ellerbrock-Norris, joins the show to talk through the essentials for a growing agency, from brand awareness to lead generation and closing the […]

Using a Marketing-First Mindset to Grow a Book of Business with Brett Young

Brett Young, CEO of Erb and Young, joins us for another crossover episode. This time, we're covering the baseline skills you need to develop ask you're growing your book of business. Where do you start? What is your focus – or, more importantly, what are you NOT going to do. From overcoming capacity issues to […]

Setting Your Sales Team Up for Success with Nate Sannes

Nate Sannes, a Partner and Advisor at InCite Performance Group, joins the show to talk about successfully leading a sales team. When you're bringing on new risk advisors or insurance agents, how long does it take to train them? How are you measuring success? How are you setting them up for that success? Nate and […]

Connecting Culture and Technology with Big I’s Chris Cline

What intentionality are you bringing to your firm from a cultural perspective? Often culture is tied to office fun, hiring practices, and benefits offerings. But Chris Cline, Executive Director of Agents Council for Technology with Big I, walks through how technology plays a huge role in the experience you create – and the culture that […]

Intentional. Candid. Clear. How to Approach Strategic Planning for Your Business

It's the time of year to get intentional. Strategic planning can be exciting – but it doesn't always mean being the “smartest” or the “first” in your niche. Strategic planning is about being intentional with your vision and anticipating what could throw you off of that vision. Learn what Brett Young at Erb and Young […]

Becoming a Broker of Record Instead of a Price Quoter with Nick Aube

Shift your agency's value proposition away from the carrier (price quoting) and onto your firm (broker of record). Nick Aube, Founder of Producer Systems, walks through the importance of taking control of your own destiny and selling yourself vs. selling on price. It not only helps your company, but your clients, too. Enjoy the episode! […]

How to Approach Agency Technology with Vertafore’s Sydney Roe

Insurance agencies know they need to modernize and adopt technology. But that brings in a new set of challenges. Sydney Roe, Director of Agency Marketing at Vertafore, dives into the importance of connection among your tech stack – connection to your team, your other tech, your clients and more. Enjoy the episode! Episode Links: Ellerbrock-Norris: […]

Sales vs. Consulting: How To Sell Your Insurance Knowledge With Chase Courtney

How do you go from sales to consulting? What's the difference? Chase Courtney, a “recovering CPA” and the Director of Technology Sales at Imperial PFS, joins us to discuss how to apply your foundation of knowledge to help sell a particular product. Enjoy the episode! Episode Links:Ellerbrock-Norris: Wealth Strategies: Elliot Bassett: […]