Throwback: How to Do “Follow-Up” When Prospecting

Do you struggle with “follow-up” for your prospects? Or, maybe you struggle because you only do follow-up in one form (e.g. cold calls or emails)? If yes, then welcome to the club! We all struggle with it. Prospecting is difficult and confusing and most agencies don’t have someone to teach you how to do it […]

Throwback: Our Time Has Come to an End?

No, I’m not talking about this podcast. I’m talking about you prospecting for new business! How you utilize “time” and the availability of it will have a direct correlation to your success in sales. If your prospect doesn’t feel a need to move forward, to get things done, to understand how important it is to […]

How to Increase Your Quoting Win-Ratio by 50%

Going for the BOR is always the better option, but sometimes you just have to quote. If you go through a normal quoting process, be sure to get these three (3) things from the prospect. Once you do this, your quote-to-win ratio will increase so much that you could see your new business revenue increase […]

Throwback: Prospecting In Your Prospect’s “Sweet Spot”

It’s really hard to set new business appointments with your prospects if you can’t communicate with them directly. (Go figure, right?) So, then, why in the world would you … (or another agent you know?) … keep prospecting in ways where you are forced to deal with gatekeepers and receptionists? That just doesn’t make sense […]

Throwback: Winning 6 BOR’s in 6 Months – (interview with Rocio Luna)

How would you like to win 6 new clients via signed Broker of Record Letter in less than 6 months … with even the smaller of these clients being $12,000 in annual revenue? Would that be OK with you? I’m sure it would! In this throwback episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles […]

Throwback: Winning New Business Through Association Endorsements

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get you a steady flow of business owners to reach out to you to schedule appointments, rather than you contacting business owners who don’t know you, like you, or trust you yet? Of course, it would be! It would make everything easier: setting appointments, building rapport, getting more […]

Throwback: “Plan B” in the Broker of Record Letter Process

Asking for the signed Broker of Record Letter is hard enough, but what do you do if the prospect actually says no? Do you have a ‘Plan B’ or do you just rollover at that point and agree to blindly offer quotes? I would tell you that you need to stick to your guns, do […]

Your Weak Efforts Are Hurting My Ears – (

Have you ever gone through a season of prospecting where you weren’t actually prospecting? You were doing — I don’t, know, whatever — but just not a lot of reaching out to prospects? Yes, I think we all have experienced that from time to time. Today I had a coaching call with a new producer […]

Throwback: Admit it. You sell on price!

Admit it. Go ahead. Admit that you win a lot of new business by being the agent who offers a cheaper priced quote than your competitor. It’s ok. Go ahead and admit. Why? Because that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Price is very important. Price is so important, actually, that you’d be doing […]