RHS 195 – MM: The Man in the Arena

In this engaging discussion, we unpack the significance of individual citizenship and the fundamental values that make one a quality human and a contributing member of society. Inspired by Teddy Roosevelt’s iconic speech, ‘The Citizen in a Republic,’ we emphasize the need for these ideals in our current society, where they seem to have been replaced by more materialistic values.

RHS 194 – MM: Navigating Personal Growth and Emotional Leadership Challenges

Ever wondered how community and emotions can shape your business leadership journey? Buckle up as Ryan Hanley opens up about his roller-coaster ride in the business world – from getting fired multiple times to eventually running his own company. Through his intimate storytelling, we uncover the emotional turmoil leaders often face and appreciate the power of choosing the right words for every situation.

RHS 193 – Monday Mindset: This is the Way

Ready to commit to a transformative journey and reach your highest potential? The episode takes a fascinating turn as we delve into the Mandalorian Code from the Star Wars series, illuminating how keeping personal promises shapes our identities. This is the way.

RHS 192 – Hanley on AI

Can AI really be our steadfast ally, or is it an intimidating opponent lurking in the shadows? In a world where technological advancements are taking giant leaps, we stand at the intersection of fear and excitement. We delve deep into the transformative potential of AI, discussing its applications in modern business and everyday life and […]

RHS 190 – Joey Coleman’s Guide to Navigating Leadership, Empathy, and Employee Experience

Some of the toughest decisions in my life involved hiring and firing employees. I was confronted with the emotional toll it took on both ends of the spectrum. That’s why our guest, Joey Coleman, renowned author of ‘Never Lose a Customer Again’ and ‘Never Lose an Employee Again’, is here to shed some light on this intricate process. With his own experiences as a leader and the challenging decisions he made as a CEO, Joey offers a unique perspective on the employer-employee dynamic. The episode further highlights the intertwined connection between customer experience and employee experience, shedding light on the employer’s responsibility to create a remarkable environment for their team members. We also dissect the balance of hierarchy and dialogue in decision-making, the dangers of confirmation bias, and the importance of rest and recovery after big projects. So, grab your headphones and tune in to this enlightening episode packed with valuable insights for leaders and managers alike. This is not just a conversation; it’s a transformative journey.

RHS 189 – Revolutionizing Your Insurance Business: Strategies, Technology, and the Power of Podcasting with Shawn Fitzgerald

Discover how to revolutionize your insurance business as we chat with the incredible Shawn Fitzgerald of the Scratch Agency podcast. Shawn’s unique blend of progressive technology and prospecting techniques, combined with a respect for traditional methods, will give you the edge you need in today’s competitive market. Together, we’ll explore the importance of finding freedom within ourselves, overcoming limitations, and navigating the challenges of the current economic crisis. Dive into the world of carrier sales centers as we discuss how they can help you maximize efficiency and grow your business. Learn the ins and outs of working with carrier representatives and customer service centers and the advantages of carving out a niche for yourself in the insurance industry. We’ll also reveal the power of AI tools like ByWordAI, Chat GPT, and Grammarly in revolutionizing your blog writing process, saving you precious time and resources. Finally, we get personal with Shawn as we discuss the mental and emotional journey of being a scratch agent. Shawn shares the incredible benefits of starting a podcast to build relationships, learn from guests, and find a sense of community, from the loneliness to the self-discipline required. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation that will inspire you and provide tangible strategies to elevate your insurance business to new heights.

RHS 186 – James Webb on Relationships and Resilience

What does it take to rise from humble beginnings and achieve massive success in business while creating millionaires out of your key employees? Join us as we sit down with James Webb, author of Redneck Resilience, and explore his incredible journey from a small town in Mississippi to becoming a successful entrepreneur owning one of the country’s largest Orange Theory Fitness franchises. In this fascinating and inspiring conversation, we dive into James’s entrepreneurial journey and the pivotal moments that shaped his life and career. We touch on his early experiences selling pot holders at church bazaars, becoming an x-ray tech, and how the internet changed his entire trajectory. Throughout our discussion, we also examine the importance of resilience, relationships, and generational thinking in overcoming challenges and fostering long-term success. Don’t miss this engaging episode, as we also discuss the often-overlooked topic of compensating high-performing employees in industries like the independent insurance industry, where there is no consistent solution. James shares valuable insights from his own experience on creating an ownership structure that motivates and rewards employees, as well as the benefits of profit-sharing plans and equity-based incentives. Tune in to learn from James’s incredible journey and unlock the secrets to resilience and success.