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Isn’t there something refreshing about being transparent and calling it how you see it? It’s time for a little honesty. Cease and Desist is a podcast hosted by a group of guys who have sought out to take independent insurance agents to the moon and in doing so have a lot to get off their chest. From insurance to sports to business and beyond, there’s no telling how far they will push the limit. Grab a glass of whiskey and get ready for real talk with Ryan Mathisen, Sean Mulhern, and Andy Mathisen.

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Ryan Mathisen, Sean Mulhern, and Andy Mathisen

The AI Podcast Network is always delivering the best and we are able to do that by always having our eye out for the best. Well, look what we found…

Cease and Desist Podcast is the newest Podcast to join the Network! We will be featuring one episode per month on this podcast which is unique in its topics and delivery. From the brains of the people at GloveBox, this podcast is awesome, cool, hip, and just straight real.

In this episode of Cease & Desist, the guys are joined by Cristina Ciaravalli from Plaid. Listen to find out how social media can be used to network alongside how this billion-dollar company has grown and where it plans to go.