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Power Women In Insurance


Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

In this episode of the Power Women In Insurance, Christine Bailey, the CEO at Bailey Family Insurance joins the podcast. Christine shares how she found her way into the insurance industry, and how having the right processes and systems in place is helping their agency grow and scale.

Episode Highlights:

  • Christine shares how she found her way into the insurance industry. (1:02)
  • Christine mentions what she and other members of their team do in the agency. (3:46)
  • Christine mentions one of the elements that they got heavily involved in. (4:55)
  • What has been Christine’s biggest focus in automation? (7:10)
  • Christine mentions the visual she created. (8:37)
  • What type of results did Christine see from all their work? (15:42)
  • Christine mentions their new birthday campaigns. (15:45)
  • Christine shares why they have been huge video people from the start. (19:50)
  • How do Christine and her husband create a work-life balance? (26:42)
  • Christine mentions what they do when they welcome new clients. (29:12)

Key Quotes:

  • “As we grow and we try to scale, it’s going to be hectic if we don’t have ourselves together. I feel like that was really what 2020 taught us. So, now we’re looking ahead to 2021, and excited with these processes and systems in place, and can grow in the right way.” – Christine Bailey
  • “With the team, we make sure that they are involved in everything and every step of the way, and that really helps with them and their engagement.” – Christine Bailey
  • “We’re going to be completely transparent in the very beginning. This is the way that we’ve built the business, the way that we feel.” – Christine Bailey

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