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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Christopher Cook, owner of Alliance Insurance Services. Christopher talks about their preparation for their transition to the Neon platform, which made him decide to use Neon, and the formula of his vision to lead his agency that’s doubling every year.

Key Quotes:

“Effort is the thing that multiplies both your talent and your skill.” – Christopher Cook (7:20)

“We all have to be able to adapt. And thankfully for us, we have some things in place, such as, quote, bids, and void phones, all the stuff that I think years ago, you would say, these are non-negotiable.

“If you don’t have these things, then you’re not really running an agency.” – Christopher Cook (12:04) 

“I am not quite a staunch believer that you shouldn’t take payments in the offices…I think that’s an opportunity to build a relationship.” – Christopher Cook (13:00)

“Just forget what you know, and build what you need.” – Christopher Cook (18:01)

“I want my people on a keyboard less and dealing with humans more, and VA’s allow you to do that.” – Christopher Cook (29:01)

“We all are different in our own spaces. But we can certainly recapture quite a bit of time, with some of the efficiencies that we’re going to be able to pick up in the neon environment.” – Christopher Cook (33:04) 

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