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Power Women In Insurance


Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

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Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

Meet Kristen Drussel, the vice president of sales with KC insurance in Kansas City. KC insurance is a referral-based independent agency that strives to help clients during their home buying process to ensure their most valuable investments are protected.

In this episode of The Power Women in Insurance, Kristen shares her insurance journey that started with her not even knowing what it was and working hard up the ladder to where she is today. She talks about how her boss at KC insurance guided and encouraged her to keep going using the referral business model.

Listen in to learn the importance of building and maintaining a reliable and trusted team that is focused on growing your insurance agency.

Top Takeaways:

  • The power of building trust relationships for business growth in your insurance agency.
  • The importance of having a reliable and connected team to help run things smoothly. 
  • Learning how to be consistent with your work efforts to get better.

Key Moments:

  • [1:33] Kristin shares how she got into insurance with zero experience and worked hard to find her footing.
  • [3:45] How encouragement and guidance from her boss enabled her to break through the industry. 
  • [7:21] The business model that drove Kristin to work passionately to build relationships and bring business. 
  • [9:44] The process of working with lenders that requires timeliness and being an extension of their team. 
  • [11:57] Kristen talks about the events they run for lenders to show their appreciation.
  • [13:31] Why Kristen loves the non salesy business model they have at KC and the team relationship they uphold.
  • [16:50] The different types of professionals they’re serving at KC insurance. 
  • [18:05] The challenge of giving referrals as a giveback to being referred to that Kristen has been dealing with for a long time.
  • [23:20] Kristen advises women looking to get in the insurance industry to just up and do it because it gets better with time.

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