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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Stacey Guilianti, Chief Legal Officer at Florida Peninsula Insurance. Stacey offers a carrier’s perspective on the insurance industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Stacey shares that he is an iPhone user and the last application he downloaded was the Calm app. (3:55)
  • Stacey mentions that 80% of him loves to win and only 20% hates to lose. (4:37)
  • Stacey explains that 50% of the factor that got him to where he is today is luck, and the other 50% is skill. (5:32)
  • Stacey shares his background story, how he started, and where he is at today. (6:45)
  • Stacey shares some of the things they do that make their company grow, that others are having a hard time doing. (9:53)
  • Stacey explains that the receivership means that the state takes you over and helps you run off. (11:54)
  • Stacey discusses why there are so many lawsuits in Florida compared to the rest of America. (12:51)
  • Stacey explains the difference between a contractor and an accredited claims adjuster. (17:21)
  • Stacey explains what’s involved in starting an insurance company. (19:12)

Key Quotes:

  • “When I co-founded this company with an Allstate agent, and some other people, you know, our job was to make sure that we did everything right, and we did it by the book, and we helped our customers” – Stacey Guilianti
  • “From a carrier standpoint, it’s really sometimes important for agents to put themselves in the position of the carrier that we’re trying to do what’s best for you.” – Stacey Guilianti

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