In this episode, we talk with Don Forgeron (CEO) & James Fordham (CIO) from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

Don recently announced his retirement from the IBC and we get him to open up & dish on what he’s seen in his career. He shares some of the cool things that IBC does – things that brokers might not know. We also hear about the IBC’s PR work and the industry’s Covid response. Don also discusses the major trends that will shape the industry in the future.

James then gets the opportunity to dive into the DASH program coming to the industry in 2023.

DASH is a new industry-owned product that will deliver essential driver and auto data to the Canadian insurance industry. It will provide robust reports detailing a consumer’s complete insurance history including all coverages, claims, and other relevant information that will be used to provide an insurance quote.

The primary users of this product will be insurance underwriters and brokers. As an industry-owned product developed at the direction of the IBC Board of Directors, DASH will provide a cost-effective way to request comprehensive reports and will expand as the industry’s needs change.

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