Early on in our final episode of season three, Jeff calls Nigel Walsh “a legend in the industry.” He wasn’t kidding. Nigel is one of the top InsurTech influencers in the world and Google’s Managing Director of Insurance. Prior to that, he was a partner at Deloitte and involved in digital, InsurTech and technology transformation. He’s also co-host of the Insurtech Insider Podcast

One of the most passionate people we’ve probably had on DIPP so far, Nigel’s ambition is simple – he wants to help people fall in love with insurance. He discusses the concept of “lovable insurance” versus viewing it as a grudge purchase, talks about innovation, being open to change and the need for brokers to look at what their customers are coming to them for today and what they’ll be coming to them for in the future.

Nigel is excited about the innovation in our industry and encourages everyone to embrace it. He says, “You can watch the world go by or make the world go by.” All brokers can obviously choose which option they prefer. But if you’re looking for advice, we recommend going with the latter!

Pour yourself a pint and listen to all of the great insights Nigel shares to help close out DIPP’s third season. Talk about a great happy hour. Cheers!


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