Sam Jazayeri is the Producer Team Lead at PrimeService Insurance. Over the past few years, the brokerage has been focused on getting digitized and changing its BMS to drive their business forward and Sam has played a major role in this transformation. 

Yep, we know that calling him Sam “the BMS” Man is corny (you can blame Jeff for that one), but it definitely fits. Sam is taking what he’s learned from PrimeService’s journey and using it to help other brokers through webinars and chats with folks like Tom, Jeff, Steve, and Adam. Brokers helping brokers is something we can definitely get behind!

Changing BMSes is a lot of work and expensive. Tom calls it a traumatic experience … and he’s not wrong! Sam discusses some of his learnings along with the challenges and benefits PrimeService has seen. He shares advice for any other brokerages considering going down this path and stresses the importance of defining what you want to achieve. Knowing what you’re chasing and what you’re trying to fix is vital.

Pour yourself a pint, hit play, and listen to what Sam “the BMS” Man has to say.


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