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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

Recorded LIVE from IndieTech 2023!

In this episode, James talks with Ryan Mathisen & Sean Mulhern, Co-Founders of GloveBox.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan mentions that this year GloveBox has successfully developed base features and is now focusing on releasing a desktop version and a metrics dashboard with policyholder analytics. (4:32)
  • Sean discusses his role as handling operations and being responsible for various tasks and processes within the company, including transitioning, executing, and strategizing for new features and go-to-market plans. (7:54)
  • Ryan shares that reflecting on past experiences and considering how to improve current processes is an invaluable tool for product development and workflow optimization. (16:40)
  • Sean discusses the importance of considering the prospect and aligning interests between the agency, policyholder, and carrier for successful interactions and benefits for all. (21:31)
  • Ryan explains the challenges of achieving SOC 2 compliance due to receiving data from multiple sources but highlights their efforts in strengthening security over the past two years. (24:40)
  • Ryan discusses the GloveBox app’s two agreements: one with the policyholder and one with the agency, allowing anyone to use the app and connect with carriers, while also enabling the sharing of policy information with agents. (29:31)
  • Ryan mentions that smaller agencies often prefer a simple and basic platform, so it’s important to cater to their needs and facilitate the market accordingly. (34:16)
  • Ryan emphasizes the importance of being cautious about misinformation in the current tech-driven era and highlights the benefits of their platform for agents, which was built with the intention of improving their lives. (37:29)

Key Quotes:

  • “We’re very excited about the desktop version. It’s literally going to be this living, breathing client playground from your website. It’s going to be awesome.” – Ryan Mathisen
  • “Think about your prospect. Think about the other person that you’re talking to. And I think that’s one thing we just inherently do really well at GloveBox is, every idea is filtered through a few different lenses… GloveBox, the policyholder, the agency, and the carrier. And it has to work for all of them.” – Sean Mulhern