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Agency Freedom Podcast exists to help insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive world to the independent side of the industry. We then equip you in every topic imaginable to help you dominate your market once you’re FREE. We deliver authentic, actionable and audacious content and hard-hitting interviews from the best former captives in the country. Make your Freedom Jump with Agency Freedom Podcast.

Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

Recorded LIVE from IndieTech 2023!

In this episode, James talks with Paul Hawkins, CEO of Hawksoft & Jerry Fox, Vice President of Carrier Relations at HawkSoft.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Paul discusses how his son’s passion for computers led to them to start Hawksoft. (2:26)
  • Jerry shares his role with Hawksoft and how he got involved with it. (5:41) 
  • Paul shares his journey from working in a warehouse to digitizing insurance forms to building a thriving company. (9:25)
  • Paul explains that Hawksoft values relationships and choice, connecting with Insurtechs to provide independent agents with options for their unique businesses. (16:22) 
  • Jerry mentions that Hawksoft’s philosophy is centered around being a people-centric business, helping a people-centric industry protect the people and businesses around the country. (18:00)
  • Paul shares that their key to success is prioritizing relationships over finances, as it creates a sense of trust and support. (19:55)
  • Jerry discusses the unique company culture of Hawksoft where core values are not just talked about, but lived by the entire team, resulting in a dedicated and loyal workforce of 150+ employees. (21:47)

Key Quotes:

  • “The relationship is the top thing for us. When we bring on an agency to our system, they’re part of the HawkSoft family.” – Paul Hawkins
  • “We are a people-centric business, helping a people-centric industry, protect the people and the businesses of the country.” – Jerry Fox
  • “My goal as a CEO is to raise up each one of my employees to become the best person that they can be both personally and professionally.” – Paul Hawkins