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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Tyler Asher, President of IA Distribution for Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance. Tyler oversees billions of dollars in written premium and is a critically important player in the IA insurance game.

Episode Highlights:

  • Tyler discusses his role as the President of Independent Distribution for Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance. (6:31)
  • Tyler explains how he got to where he is today. (7:12)
  • Tyler explains what Liberty Safeco’s unique strategic advantage is. (9:00)
  • Tyler mentions that the IA system is still lagging behind some of the major direct writers and consumer digital use which is a gap that they are actively working to fill by ensuring that agents have the technologies they need to succeed. (17:43)
  • Tyler mentions that, from a character aspect, they are constantly trying to associate with agencies that have a handful of key characteristics. (22:57)
  • Tyler shares his thoughts on what comes next for Liberty and how it will react to the InsureTech sector. (29:04)
  • Tyler offers advice to anybody who is starting a new agency and wants to see immediate success. (36:48)
  • Tyler mentions that they have a consistent product and market across the country for every one of their agencies. (40:39)
  • Tyler expresses their gratitude for the opportunity to work with the 24,000 retail agents around the nation who have found a way forward. (51:09)
  • Tyler discusses the book, The Infinite Game by Simon Sinik, which has been influential to him from a management perspective. (55:03)

Key Quotes:

  • “My role is as president of independent distribution means I wake up every day with my team, and we’re solely focused on how do we help agents win in the market today, and prepare to win tomorrow.” – Tyler Asher
  • “Everything starts as a partnership, right? So it’s really understanding what both sides need, where an agency is headed for its overall business, where is the carrier headed, and just making sure that that communication is in lockstep.” – Tyler Asher
  • “A huge thing is just realizing that being independent, doesn’t mean going in alone. And so, for any new agency, scratch agency, first time in the independent agency system, there’s a lot to learn.” – Tyler Asher

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