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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Brian Fritton, CEO of Havoc Shield, a cybersecurity-focused consulting firm.

Episode Highlights:

  • Brian explains that the reason they have built the business is that they care about keeping people in their jobs. (6:33)
  • Brian shares how Havoc Shield was created and what they do as a cyber security company. (8:34)
  • Brian discusses that they are transparent about their company and is aware that there is still much to learn as to what they can offer. (14:35)
  • Brian shares that one of their products that helps clients counter-check the requirements is called the “Cyber Fitness Assessment”. (19:26)
  • Brian explains that they have an annual fee, but that it comes along with recurring benefits, as well as collateral and quarterly updates. (25:11)
  • Brian shares that he thinks people who take advantage of this technology are more likely to demand better pricing. (30:33)
  • Brian shares that one of their services is to help reduce the scope of an attack by isolating all the computers. (34:32)
  • Brian talks about their reseller program that has tiered pricing. (39:33)
  • Brian explains that they have built an impact calculator, to help tailor-fit any premium clients’ preferences. (43:00)
  • Brian shares with us that we should remember to put two-factor authentication on everything, keep our computers updated, and train our people. (46:35)

Key Quotes:

  • “We are decidedly transparent about where we are on things. And we know that we have as much to learn when we enter a new space as a value we have to offer. And so we like to do it carefully and in fast iterations.” – Brian Fritton
  • “I think to that extent, the folks who use something like this are going to be able to demand better pricing from the carriers, they’re going to be able to write more through the carriers, which is going to mean better pricing.” – Brian Fritton
  • “A couple impactful things to save your skin…two factors on everything, keep your computers updated, and train your people. Those three things are almost free.” – Brian Fritton

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