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Agency Freedom Podcast exists to help insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive world to the independent side of the industry. We then equip you in every topic imaginable to help you dominate your market once you’re FREE. We deliver authentic, actionable and audacious content and hard-hitting interviews from the best former captives in the country. Make your Freedom Jump with Agency Freedom Podcast.

Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Aaron Gordon of the Gordon Companies.

Episode Highlights:

  • Aaron shares that he is the second generation to work for their family-owned and operated independent agency. (4:53)
  • Aaron mentions that some of the customers they have now were names he heard at the dinner table with his family while he was growing up. (7:27)
  • Aaron mentions how fortunate he was to start with a book of business in front of him, which enabled him to try a few new things. (10:58)
  • Aaron explains how he got his start at their family-owned business. (15:23)
  • Aaron believes that many individuals who work in insurance lose sight of its history. (20:09)
  • Aaron discusses why it is important for the second and subsequent generations to value and respect what came before them. (23:05)
  • Aaron shares his experiences with one analog and one digital system. (28:40)
  • Aaron mentions that they do not now take Bitcoin payments, but that they would in the near future. (33:10)
  • Aaron explains that he produces or develops 20 pieces of content every week in order to get five pieces of content. (52:22)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think that a lot of people get into our industry lose sight of the history.” – Aaron Gordon
  •  “If you’re authentic and you do you, it’ll come through, you just have to be super consistent.” – Aaron Gordon
  • “I think that there’s something envious about looking at a business and building your structure, your operations, your processes, your tech, forming your ideal client, by the way, based on solely your vision. For me, a lot of the things that I do are clouded for lack of a better term by our already ideal client, already existing client.” – Aaron Gordon

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