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Agency Freedom Podcast exists to help insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive world to the independent side of the industry. We then equip you in every topic imaginable to help you dominate your market once you’re FREE. We deliver authentic, actionable and audacious content and hard-hitting interviews from the best former captives in the country. Make your Freedom Jump with Agency Freedom Podcast.

Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this solo episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks about key points from the first year of the podcast, what the future looks like, and addresses some lessons learned about social media and digital communication.

Episode Highlights:

  • James shares how he was invited by Jason Cass to join the AI Podcast Network and start his podcast. (3:49)
  • James talks about how he has improved as a podcast host over the year. (6:27)
  • James explains some of the topics that have not been discussed on his podcast yet but are soon to be. (8:57)
  • James shares the reason why he will be changing the tagline for the podcast. (10:58)
  • James explains that Agency Freedom is a place where agents and he have aligned values and visions. (17:24)
  • James shares how he gets the ideas and context for his episodes. (20:20)
  • James explains that he is sharing his story because he still has to deal with the negative effects of having a strong type of personality. (23:52)
  • James expresses his unconditional apology to his listeners who perceive him as toxic, arrogant, or condescending. (27:57)
  • James shares that he is one of the voices that is attempting to advance the status of the independent agency channel and push people in a positive direction. (34:20)


Key Quotes:

  • “If you have found yourself disliking me or finding me to be toxic, or any of those other negative words, arrogant, cocky, condescending, elitist, confrontational, unkind, really any of those things, this is your unconditional apology from me, because my perceived communication really is at this point hindering my growth as a professional.” – James Jenkins
  • “When you peel out the layers of the onion, that really is what we are all about, is helping our peers, me helping my peers, get closer to what they want, closer to the ideal version of your in industry, your agency, anything that I can do to advance it, that objective is going to have my full attention.” – James Jenkins
  • “There is a battle that I think every very competitive person faces between being a good colleague, being a genuinely kind, industry peer, and being extremely competitive and wanting to win at all times.” – James Jenkins

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