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Agency Freedom Podcast exists to help insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive world to the independent side of the industry. We then equip you in every topic imaginable to help you dominate your market once you’re FREE. We deliver authentic, actionable and audacious content and hard-hitting interviews from the best former captives in the country. Make your Freedom Jump with Agency Freedom Podcast.

Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Cory Schnabel, Agency Principal at KC Insurance Group in Kansas City, MO.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cory talks about how he got started in the insurance industry. (5:27)
  • Cory shares that he bought his first Allstate agency in 2010. (6:42)
  • Cory how he started KC Insurance Group and what helped him to get contracts with several carriers. (12:51)
  • Cory shares that his referral partners are one of the secrets to his success. (20:46)
  • Cory explains how he connects with his referral partners. (21:36)
  • Cory shares his best practices for establishing value and connection with a channel partner. (26:03)
  • Cory discusses what he believes works best with channel partners in 2022 and beyond. (30:37)
  • Cory explains that most people, perhaps 90% of lenders, agents, wealth planners, CPAs, and insurance brokers, have no idea where a large portion of their business comes from. (32:39)
  • Cory shares his thoughts on what he learned from IAOA. (37:55)
  • Cory discusses some of his decisions that he would alter if given the chance. (51:57)
  • Cory believes if you trust in yourself and bet on yourself, you’ll be alright. (54:38)

Key Quotes:

  • “We’d always heard the grass was greener on the other side. But then we really learned like, wow, the grass is greener. And these underwriters care about you and they’re going to help you place the risk.” – Cory Schnabel
  • “What can we do different and what we can do different is care. It’s literally that simple. Like, there’s no paid coaching program. There’s no paid mentorship, there’s no paid automation. It’s literally just care.” – Cory Schnabel
  • “If you believe in yourself, you want to bet on yourself, which is something I love doing. Failure motivates me. You’re going to be okay and you just have to take it one day at a time.” – Cory Schnabel

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