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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, host James talks with Pat Mulroy, Head of Distribution for Tarmika.

Episode Highlights:

  • Pat shares his career path in the insurance ecosystem. (4:51)
  • Pat talks about what Tarmika is doing on the embedded side and that led to his position there. (6:25) 
  • Pat explains that Tarmika sees embedded insurance as something they can offer to both consumers and agencies as an additional distribution method, a starting point, but not something that is going to complete the full journey. (11:33) 
  • James shares his experience of going to a Coldplay concert and using Allianz concert ticket insurance. (16:09)
  • Pat explains why the ability to offer multiple carriers from certain embedded offerings is very unique. (21:01)
  • Pat shares that their new product, which is called “The Tunnel”, has been available for months now and they are continuing to expand. (25:03)
  • Pat shares that it is very important to understand the experience an agency wants to create in order to be able to create the right platform. (31:00)
  • Pat talks about how they have created integrations that their partner carriers do not have to do. (37:21)
  • Pat talks about the notion of a disruptor and highlights the need to embrace different types of distribution. (44:10)
  • James shares the benefits of agents partnering with loan officers and mortgage companies. (49:05)
  • Pat shares some of the reasons why he loves working in this type of industry. (51:46)

Key Quotes:

  • “So, I am of the opinion, this is a blanket statement across all things embedded, that the front end experience is insanely important to making this truly feel embedded.” – Patrick Mulroy
  • “I think we fell into a better position and others specific to the embedded space because of all of the years that we were involved in the rating side of the business.” – Patrick Mulroy
  • “I personally like working in this space so much because of the unknown, so many different parties, technology companies, agencies, carriers, consumers, are all trying to figure out, how this is ultimately going to play out and look, is wildly interesting to me.” – Patrick Mulroy 

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