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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of the Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Jason Johnson and Katherine Jones from Coterie Insurance.

Episode Highlights:

  • Katherine discusses her role as Director of Communications for Coterie. (4:49)
  • Katherine and Jason explain that Coterie is a managing general agency and that they do not want to be a direct to consumer company. (7:56)
  • Jason explains his role as the Director of Agency Experience as well as his philosophy within the company. (10:50)
  • Katherine and Jason share their experience of letting go of talented people in order to balance the financial stability of the company. (15:04)
  • Jason shares about their new products and services that are about to come out, like the technology they call “Simply Bind”. (21:42)
  • Katherine shares how grateful they are to agents and brokers, and opens up about their company’s podcast. (28:15)
  • Jason explains that Coterie is helping agents by focusing on speed, simplicity, and finding new ways to make sure that agents are capitalizing on their solutions to pain points that clients have. (32:16)
  • Jason explains that bulk quoting is something that they are currently working on and developing at Coterie. (35:39)
  • Katherine shares that they are always open to feedback. (38:22)

Key Quotes:

  • “Technically, we’re a managing general agency…I just want to make that distinction and be accurate. But what we don’t want to be, we don’t want to be direct to consumer, right? We really believe in our agents and brokers, we believe in the relationships they have in their communities.” – Katherine Jones
  • “Coterie would not be where we are today without the amazing agents and brokers who have been with us since the very beginning.” – Katherine Jones
  • “It’s why I love my job, right? I get to just outsource all the cool creative ideas from the agents and take them back to a bunch of brilliant minds who can make them happen.” – Jason Johnson

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