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Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Joshua Goodman, Director of Business Development for the Kansas Big I.

Episode Highlights:

  • Josh shares his background and what led him to his position at the Kansas Association of Insurance Agents (KAIA). (4:22)
  • Josh explains that the reason he decided to leave State Farm was because he would not have been able to take over his father’s book of business when that time came. (8:38)
  • Josh shares how he started his own agency from scratch in 2010. (13:42)
  • Josh shares how they explain to a client that your agency is no longer the best fit for their needs. (18:21)
  • Josh explains that there is an art to communicating with your referral partners to get the types of referrals that you are looking for. (23:48)
  • Josh shares the factors that led to his decision to sell the agency. (24:41) 
  • Josh explains automation is one of the biggest differences in how things used to be done and how they are done now. (34:41)
  • Josh shares that there is always this difficulty in hiring great talent, and it is one of the challenges he hears a lot from his members. (40:47)
  • Josh discusses that one thing that agency owners should focus on is the claims experience and management of the claims. (43:42)
  • Josh advises all agency owners, especially aspiring ones, to operate their business from an entrepreneurial perspective. (46:22)

Key Quotes:

  • “I had the entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted to work for myself and be my owner and State Farm agents are able to do that to a certain degree.” – Josh Goodman
  • “The agency owners that are going to win in the short term and long term are going to be digitally data-driven, and run their business as an entrepreneur, in my opinion.” – Josh Goodman
  • “If you’re an agency owner or aspiring agency owner, operate your business more from an entrepreneur’s perspective than an insurance agent who owns a small business and employs producers and a service team.” – Josh Goodman

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