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Agency Freedom Podcast exists to help insurance agency owners and sales professionals make the jump from the captive world to the independent side of the industry. We then equip you in every topic imaginable to help you dominate your market once you’re FREE. We deliver authentic, actionable and audacious content and hard-hitting interviews from the best former captives in the country. Make your Freedom Jump with Agency Freedom Podcast.

Hosted By

Hosted By

James Jenkns

In this episode of Agency Freedom Podcast, James talks with Steven Mohr, newly minted VP of Growth at Better Agency. After a three-year stop at Lightspeed Voice, Steven is already having an impact on the current and future customers of Better Agency.

Episode Highlights:

  • Steven shares what led him to the InsurTech industry. (6:17)
  • Steven mentions that he had been an agent before meeting Brad Fuller and joining Lightspeed Voice. (09:27)
  • Steven explains how he made the decision to jump back into AMS and CRM by joining Better Agency. (14:40) 
  • Steven shares that Better Agency is always open to feedback and is focused on how they can make things better for their clients. (21:07)
  • Steven mentions that the mission that they are currently focused on is automating agency operations while maintaining the agency’s relevance. (25:32)
  • Steven shares that there are a lot of innovations they are currently lining up, one of which is the Accord forms. (31:03)
  • Steven discusses the challenge of being on the road and away from his family and how technology has helped them connect while away. (36:09) 
  • Steven shares his passion for golf and some of the people that he plays with when he has time. (38:18)
  • James shares that the Better Agency is almost an enigma because of the balance between power user functions. (43:28)
  • Steven shares that they are customizing their features to enable new customers to be able to do everything that they want. (47:39)

Key Quotes:

  • “I would love everybody to be able to do everything they ever wanted to do in life. That would be great, James could get his version, and then the rest of the world would get theirs. We are in a very specific industry and insurance. Your independent insurance agencies are our bread and butter.” – Steven Mohr
  • “Some of the other challenges that we’re seeing a lot is around onboarding, you know, data transfers, and they’re just complex and we rely on other people’s data.” – Steven Mohr
  • “I’m an agency guy at the end of the day, I think most people would tell you that about me. You know, I think insurance agents are about the best group of people in the world. I think your jobs are incredibly hard. I tried to do it back in the day, and it’s just a grind and I have all the respect in the world for you.” – Steven Mohr

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