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Agency Intelligence


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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Elijah Goodman, Producer at Goodman Family Insurance.

Episode Highlights:

  • Elijah discusses Goodman Family Insurance and how he gets leads by posting videos and other content on TikTok and social media. (3:46)
  • Elijah explains how he came up with the concept for his first TikTok video, which is about cold calling. (5:57)
  • Elijah recommends those who wish to post on TikTok or Instagram to include a quote sheet or an intake form in each video so that viewers can contact them for a quote since you never know which video could go viral. (10:11)
  • Elijah mentions the need for making the video interesting from the start in order to attract people’s attention. (12:12)
  • Elijah explains why it is important to ride the wave of a video that goes viral. (14:41)
  • Elijah mentions that you should not be too concerned with how a video performs, some will perform well and others will not. (17:24)
  • Elijah explains how gaining more leads from his videos influenced his agency’s workflow and what they do to ensure they can handle those leads. (20:08)
  • Elijah shares the mechanics of his giveaways on social media. (24:14)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you have a video that goes up and does really well, I would just try to ride that wave as much as possible. So whatever kind of the video is, just keep going off that until you lose momentum with it. Because that’s what I had a lot of success with at the beginning” – Elijah Goodman
  • “I used to be like this too. Getting too worked up about how a video does or how many views it gets, how many likes it gets, comments it gets. On the day you posted a video and it totally flops, and in two weeks or a month, no one is going to remember you posted a video. It doesn’t matter.” – Elijah Goodman

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