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In this episode of Agents Influence Podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Kevin Ring, CWCA, MWCA, Lead Workers’ Compensation Analyst at Institute of WorkComp Professionals. Kevin talks about how he got into the insurance industry and his knowledge and expertise in workers’ compensation.

Episode Highlights:

What has been the biggest key to Kevin’s success? (6:41)

Kevin shares his background. (10:09)

Kevin shares what he likes about workers’ comp. (14:27)

Kevin mentions what the work mod sheet is all about. (20:52)

Kevin shares the two studies he learned from Hartford. (26:05)

What’s the role of Kevin’s Company? (36:21)

Kevin shares what he’s currently reading. (38:33)

Key Quotes:

“I think that the producers we work with work really hard to avoid losing, when you start talking about qualifying prospects and not getting yourself knee-deep in opportunities that you don’t have a really high probability of winning.” – Kevin Ring

“Mistakes happen all the time in the premium audit and that leads to the experience.” – Kevin Ring

“If you work with us when you have workers comp risk and you have a question, if we don’t know the answers we know the people that do. We’re focused on actually helping people do what we teach. We’re in the education business and we’re much more in helping you do business.” – Kevin Ring

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