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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Patrick Romey, Client Partner at Facebook. Patrick talks about digital transformation in the agent community and how agencies can utilize Facebook’s free tools and advertising platforms to grow their books of business.

Episode Highlights:

Jason introduces Patrick Romey. (3:37)

Patrick shares that his first job was a hands-on experience with the advertising system that many businesses are using today, and it allowed him to see how the advertising system and the products have evolved. (7:26)

Patrick started working at Facebook in 2015. (7:46)

Patrick shares that Facebook’s philosophy is that they want solutions that scale to businesses of all types and all sizes. (9:01)

Patrick thinks that the major shift that Facebook has seen over the last few years in advertising has been the shift in focus from likes and clicks to giving businesses the tools to be able to measure actual business outcomes. (11:10)

Patrick shares that social media has grown up quite a bit and the advertising tools are more stable and drive meaningful business outcomes than before. (11:43)

Jason shares that data can be used to ethically collect behaviors of people to be more efficient, to make things more efficient for them on the consumer side and the business side. (11:57)

Patrick thinks that most people don’t realize how many messaging apps we’re using, and how Facebook messenger became the predominant way to communicate. (13:05)

Patrick mentions that customers nowadays are more confident in using Facebook messenger because they can expect a response and they can respond on their own time. (23:15)

Patrick shares that data is increasingly powering customer acquisition campaigns, by making sure that you have sound goals with your advertising and liquidity with advertisers. (26:53)

Patrick mentions that if you focus on removing friction for customers that want to do business with you, you’ll be set up for success. (33:48)

Key Quotes:

“Facebook products are designed to help businesses of all sizes and give small businesses the access and resources to the same tools that big businesses are using to drive success.” – Patrick Romey

“When we think about the insurance industry, it’s about all of those different customer touchpoints, and constantly thinking about what are ways that you can remove friction from somebody who may be inclined to research on their own, and be able to find information about your agency or somebody who’s wanting to message your business.” – Patrick Romey

“Putting yourself in the shoes of a potential customer, when they are doing research they want to be able to gather information about your business pretty quickly and understand your expertise, your services, and a chance to sell yourself. So the more that you can make that easy, without putting work on the customer, the better.” – Patrick Romey

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