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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Alaina Chisholm, Financial Professional at World Financial Group, and host of the Pursuit of Relentless podcast, Alaina talks about her inspirational weight transformation, 75 hard challenges, the significance of having a disciplined routine and how relentless leadership development helps people to level up.
Episode Highlights:
Jason Cass introduces guest Alaina Chisholm. (1:04)

Is Alaina an Android or an iPhone user? (4:56)

Does Alaina love to win or hate to lose? (7:38)

What was the last app that Alaina downloaded? (8:39)

What does Alaina attribute to her success, skill, or luck? (12:24)

Alaina shares her background story. (16:06)

Alaina shares what made her decide to build her own business. (18:41)

Alaina says in 2018 she made a decision for herself that she doesn’t want to be overweight. (21:01)

Alaina says that you have to have a disciplined routine in order to be successful in business.  (21:42)

How long does it take for Alaina to get to the weight she wants? (22:08)

Alaina explains what relentless leadership development is. (29:18)

Alaina says that she’s not focused on money, she’s focused on helping people. (30:41)

Alaina explains why discipline equals freedom is the best mantra that she can tell herself. (32:16)

Alaina explains how we find discipline. (37:24)

Alaina explains what the 75 hard mental toughness challenge is. (40:29)

What is Alaina reading right now? (42:26)

Key Quotes:
“In order to be successful in business, you have to have a disciplined routine, especially when you’re running a company.”  – Alaina Chisholm
“I’m not focused on money. I’m focused on helping people.”  – Alaina Chisholm
“When you’re an achiever, you’re sitting there in your life, and you’re literally just going through going I know, I’m bett