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In this episode of Agents Influence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Heather Monahan, Founder & CEO of Boss in Heels, TedX Speaker, Best-Selling Author of Confidence Creator, and Keynote Speaker at Speakers Bureau. Heather talks about the struggles that she faced in her life and career and how her mindset helped her to get back up again and be better than ever. She also discusses how to build up our confidence and how we can continue to grow during this pandemic.
Episode Highlights:
Jason introduces Heather Monahan. (2:16)

Is Heather an iPhone or an Android user? (3 :40)
What was the last app that Heather downloaded? (4:02)

Does Heather love to win or hate to lose? (4:31)

What does Heather attribute to her success, skill or luck? (4:55)

Heather shares her background and her career. (5:56)

What are the things that people need to do to be able to rebound? (8:41)

Heather shares that getting fired was difficult for her. (8:54)

Heather explains that understanding the idea that you can live in a lane less world is powerful. (11:12)

Does Heather feel that she has more freedom over the last three years than she ever had? (12:52) 

Heather mentions that she is a huge believer in innovation. (13:01)

Heather shares a chapter from her book that includes a story about her son. (14:06)

How does Heather lift herself and keep herself going through the day? (14:52)

Heather talks about her first TedX Talk. (14:54)

Heather shares that visualizing herself doing a great job, and visualizing being in the arena or stage is helpful for her. (15:44)

Heather mentions that she always writes a simple note on the bottom of her heel for motivation. (16:40)

Heather talks about a psychological study called Pavlov’s Dog. (17:33)

What are Heather’s thoughts about living in the moment? (18:35)

Heather mentions that anytime you feel anxiety, just focus on your breath and where you are right at that moment. (18:47)

How do people cope with the pandemic, and what are the ways that they can do to get through? (20:56)

Heather shares that it’s necessary to look at the culture, the morale among employees, and the sense of giving people an option that they’re not forced to g