Millionaire Insurance Producer

Millionaire Insurance Producer

The Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast is the top podcast for insurance producers who want to quote less and win more often. Charles was a producer with a $1,000,000+ Book of Business, before starting a consulting company working directly with insurance buyers. Charles understands what your prospects both want and need and will give you the tools of how to package your services in such a way that your prospects will fire their current agent and sign your Broker of Record Letter…during the very first appointment!
Hosted By

Hosted By

Charles Specht

I know, I know. This is a different kind of episode than you’re used to. But, it just might be one that changes your life for the better! 

In this episode of the Millionaire Insurance Producer podcast, host Charles Specht will begin teaching you about how to exit the “rat race” of selling insurance policies and — instead — become a wholly independent, fee-based insurance consultant where you will likely make between $100,000 – $350,000 in personal “take home” income every single year. I’ve created an exclusive group with assigned territories and this is available for both P&C agents as well as EB agents. If you’re interested in that, keep listening. If you’re VERY INTERESTED in it and want to learn more, send me an email by first visiting my website at:

Episode Highlights:

  • Charles shares that he is making a pivot in his business by creating a network of insurance consultants who are hired by insurance buyers to provide unbiased advice for a flat fee. (2:41)
  • Charles discusses the challenges in selling insurance, including time-consuming data gathering and unresponsive marketing departments, and the benefits of being an insurance consultant. (5:53)
  • Charles mentions that an insurance consultant offers unbiased counsel and negotiates premiums down, typically saving clients 11-17% and potentially up to 55% of annual insurance costs, with fees ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. (9:39)
  • Charles explains that insurance agents can save clients money and provide value by representing multiple carriers, allowing them to be unbiased advisors and counselors to insured individuals. (13:48)
  • Charles discusses that having an insurance consultant instead of just trusting an agent can result in better outcomes and higher profits, with minimal expenses and no need for a physical office or additional staff. (18:40)
  • Charles discusses the downside of not having residuals like an insurance agent and the benefits of saving clients time and money through handling negotiations, managing policies, and providing risk management services. (20:56)
  • Charles mentions that an insurance consultant helps insurance buyers navigate the insurance process and ensures that agents have a fair opportunity to win business, benefiting both the buyer and the agents involved. (25:26)
  • Charles shares that he will be giving exclusivity in regards to the territory for insurance agents, with a focus on creating programs, obtaining endorsements, and providing marketing support to generate wealth and achieve personal goals. (29:13)

Key Quotes:

  • “I am creating a network of insurance consultants that are no longer having to sell insurance. They’re now being hired by the insurance buyer and paid a flat fee to give them unbiased advice.” – Charles Specht
  • “As an insurance consultant, what I have to get the insurance buyer to understand is that I don’t sell insurance, I’m not a competitor with their agent… I am completely separate from the entire placing of insurance, I am completely unbiased.” – Charles Specht

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