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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Bob Klee, CPRIA, CPRM, President at Kelly Klee Private Insurance. Bob talks about his in-depth knowledge and expertise as an insurance professional and why agents like doing high-value homes. He also shares a little bit of background into what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

Key Quotes:

“The root of luck in Latin is happy, for happenstance and you can’t control that. But you can control skills because you can study, learn, and get better, and so a lot of athletes that are really good today, aren’t necessarily the best athletes on the field. But they’ve learned, studied, they practiced over and over, and that’s what makes them good.” – Bob Klee (8:27)

“I wasn’t the best athlete, but I worked hard and I had fun doing it and it did okay, and the same thing with shooting, you study and practice, and you know, work harder than the next guy.” – Bob Klee (9:13)

“Chris used to buy leads of hometown quotes, we loved him and then he started doing his first videos he shared with us. I remember my team looks at this guy, Chris, now he doesn’t need to buy leads because he does such a great job with media.” – Bob Klee (24:00)

“We have the best people in this business. We love working with them. They love working with us. But we’ll run through walls for them. I believe they’ll run through walls for us. We’ve got incredible people.” – Bob Klee (25:41)

“It’s all about the P, it’s the process you have to have. I think the lack of process is what makes most agencies fail at internet leads or sales in general. But you have to step back and slow down making the process and then you hold people to those processes.” – Bob Klee (26:18)

“Everybody wants to be in our space. I mean, there are people that do, primarily businesses, non-standard auto, home, that’s all they want. For the most part, most agents who buy leads don’t want those and so we filter out more than one or two actions, whatever it is they want to filter to. So the higher your filter, the more expensive the lead is.” – Bob Klee (33:15)

“The word insurance almost always is one of the highest per click. It’s like over 50 bucks consistently. So if you’re bidding on the word insurance, they got you 50 bucks every time, and you’re converting 25%, you’re spending $200 to get one lead.” – Bob Klee (34:24)

“If you’re asking me questions and getting information from me, don’t fix it while you’re asking questions. Because if it’s that easy to fix, anybody can do it. I don’t care whether you’re talking to a standard product and I can quote it in five minutes, which I wouldn’t, but you can, because I want to add value to that conversation.” – Bob Klee (39:07)

“California keeps changing the rules. Same thing with the additional living expenses and other things. They just forced it on the insurance. Sorry, forget grandfathering, we’re making it effective now.” – Bob Klee (45:52)

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