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Agency Intelligence


Agency intelligence podcast, is your top insurance podcast with two unique series that let you hear from and learn from both agency owners and industry influencers. Agents Influence is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought leaders the industry has to offer. Agency Intelligence covers real data from real agents in real agencies.

In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Jeremy Goodrich, Owner of Shine Insurance Agency.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jeremy mentions that he and his wife established Shine Insurance Agency in 2013, aiming to transform people’s perception of insurance. (1:36)
  • Jeremy advises new agency owners to start writing down their processes from the beginning to create efficient systems. (6:48)
  • Jeremy discusses his experience in discovering a commercial real estate niche and his strategy for managing clients’ risks. (9:00)
  • Jeremy mentions that the fundamental elements of building a business are the three E’s: Education, Experience, and an Entourage. (11:24)
  • Jeremy explains the concept of charging additional fees for app access, noting that it would only be successful if the value offered by the agency justified the cost. (23:31)
  • Jeremy shares insights on the significance of transforming an agency into a passive income source, and provides examples of his accomplishments in this area. (26:07)

Key Quotes:

  • “One of the first things I always advise someone who’s a new agency owner, maybe they haven’t written their first million dollars in premium yet, is even from the beginning, start writing down your processes.” – Jeremy Goodrich
  • “If you’re going to find success in a business, you first have to have education, you second have to have experience. And then the third one is…you have to have an entourage.” – Jeremy Goodrich

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