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In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Krista Kautz, Commercial Lines Producer at Berrong Insurance Agency. Krista discusses her journey from musician to insurance producer, what her niches are, and how she became involved with Oklahoma Young Agents.

Episode Highlights:

  • Krista discusses the Oklahoma Next-Gen Under 30 Awards. (2:40)
  • Krista mentions that she is currently the Vice Chair of the Oklahoma Young Agents and that her agency owners support her involvement. (4:19)
  • Krista mentions that even though she and Ryan Smith are competitors, they have brother-sister discussions, always giving each other a hard time and pushing each other to be accountable. (4:57)
  • Krista mentions that she uses an iPhone and that the most recent app she downloaded was Yahoo Sports. (14:04)
  • Krista explains why winning was her favorite thing. (15:45)
  • Krista discusses skills versus luck gave her the capacity to sit in a conference room and go through a commercial auto policy page by page, passing the initial exam and continuing on to her CISR. (16:46)
  • Krista explains how she first found a job in data entry and reception at an insurance company. (22:17)
  • Krista explains how she became an in-house producer at Berrong Insurance Agency. (24:01)
  • Krista mentions that her niches include oil & gas and trucking and that she is still working to expand and find a different niche. (26:46)
  • Krista shares that her first large account was an oil and gas risk. (27:42)
  • Krista discusses that she’s looking for another niche that involves her in the community. (32:37)
  • Krista mentions that anybody in the insurance industry can lead from any position as long as they are not afraid to ask questions. (35:27)

Key Quotes:

  • “I do have niches. That’s the oil and gas and, and trucking side. However, I am trying to diversify and find a little bit of a different niche. My niche is basically small business.” – Krista Kautz
  • “You can lead from any position, don’t be afraid to ask the questions.” – Krista Kautz
  • “The skill portion is what got me past, being able to sit in a conference room and looking at a commercial auto policy, page by page and being able to pass the initial exam, continue on to my CISR. And then now I’m working on my CIC and that does take skill and willingness to learn.” Krista Kautz

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