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Power Women In Insurance


Together we are stronger! On the Power Women Insurance Podcast, we get to ask the questions about how to excel and thrive in the insurance industry as a POWER Woman in this space.

Hosted By

Hosted By

Teresa Kitchens

In this episode of Power Women In Insurance, Teresa does a solo episode about leveling up and how to combat the junk in our heads that holds us back from success.

Episode Highlights:

  • Teresa mentions that we are at the time of the year when we think and make plans for the following year. (0:37)
  • Teresa shares how she is managing after experiencing a major tragedy last year. (1:42)
  • Teresa recalls a time in her life when she was just trying to keep everything together and mentions that it is okay to be in that season of life. (6:30)
  • Teresa mentions that the book titled “Secrets of Six-Figure Women” has been really helpful to her. (8:56)
  • Teresa shares that it is important to regularly ask ourselves what we want because as time goes by, it changes. (11:45)
  • Teresa talks about the process of creating a list of 100 things that she truly wants and how that exercise impacted her mindset. (16:21)
  • Teresa explains that regrets will always be there if you don’t ask yourself why you can’t have things that you actually want. (19:44)
  • Teresa mentions that she will be starting a book club for women who are overcoming under-earning. (20:42)
  • Teresa shares that she has always wanted to age gracefully and it is one of her priorities in life. (24:15)
  • Teresa explains that it is also the time of the year to look back and see what holds you back from achieving your goals to the next level. (27:51)

Key Quotes:

  • “As we get ready for goal planning for 2023, this is a mindset conversation. What holds me back from being able to accomplish what I want to accomplish?” – Teresa Kitchens
  • “I think it’s important to ask ourselves, what do we want? What we wanted maybe a year and a half ago, two years ago, may not be what we want today. And it might change.” – Teresa Kitchens
  • “If we don’t level up, then how are we going to be a better leader if we don’t do leadership activities, if we don’t do leadership training, if we don’t go out there and do the things that it takes to level up?” – Teresa Kitchens

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