Agency Intelligence

Agency Intelligence


Agency intelligence podcast, is your top insurance podcast with two unique series that let you hear from and learn from both agency owners and industry influencers. Agents Influence is your weekly guide to the latest and greatest thought leaders the industry has to offer. Agency Intelligence covers real data from real agents in real agencies.

In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Michelle Mosher, Founder, CEO of Southshore Insurance Professionals, and Michele Horwitz, Agency Owner of Bay Area Insurance Shop, Inc. Michelle and Michele talk about their approach to business and niche in the insurance industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • What has attributed to Michele and Michelle’s success, skill or luck? (7:28)
  • Michelle and Michele share their career background. (10:31)
  • Michelle mentions one of her goals when she opened her agency. (16:50)
  • What’s the main niche of Michele’s agency? (20:37)
  • Do Michele and Michelle agree that the amount of competition is based on the number of prospects? (24:40)
  • Michelle mentions her biggest challenge, at present. (30:22)
  • What’s something that’s been significantly helpful to Michelle when doing business? (33:26)
  • Michelle and Michele give a piece of advice to the loyal listeners. (40:45)

Key Quotes:

  • “I think that insurance is still such a relationship business, that there will be a point that the “not talking” doesn’t work anymore. There’s going to be a stage in this process that there has to be relationship building, and it’s harder to do digitally.” – Michele Horwitz
  • “It’s okay to take time for yourself and not every client is a good client. But, the ones that are good understand when you need to take time for yourself.” – Michelle Mosher
  • “There are a lot of helpful hints out there. But, there’s also a lot of noise and you just have to figure out what you’re good at, what your path is, and move from there.” – Michele Horwitz

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